Whether you’re swimming in the pool, surfing the waves or kayaking down the river; there is no reason why you can’t enjoy your music in the water as long as you invest in a pair of waterproof headphones. There is a good choice available with many headphones having multiple earbuds so everyone should be able to find a pair that fits perfectly. We have selected three of the very best below and have included a brief review:-

Swimbuds Short Cord Waterproof Headphones  – at just £35 these headphones are a bargain, 100% Waterproof with gold plated stereo jack, flanged ear buds for a tight seal and good fit with 4 earbud tip options included, plus this 2nd generation latest model features improved audio quality using HydroBeat technology to provide superior  audio quality for waterproof headphones. Great headphones for swimming as they stay put during tight flip turns and in rough waters, but they will work well in the shower too! Plus there is no more wrapping of long  cords around goggle straps and no loose cord loops to get caught in moving body parts when swimming. Waterproof to IPX8 waterproof standard, these headphones create a waterproof seal that allows the sound but keeps water out (however for safety reasons do not use any earbuds that create a tight seal below a depth of 3.05 meters).

Waterfi 100% Waterproofed iPod Swim Kit with Waterproof Headphones – using Waterfi’s patent pending PlatinumX waterproofing technology (a proprietary substance that forms an insulating barrier around all sensitive electronics) this kit that guards the device from exposure to water and sweat, forming a consistent seal that is good  down to 210 feet underwater! Easily clip this to your goggle strap or sunglasses, easy to control on the go, plus 2GB of memory so you can store up to 500 songs. There is a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship and the Waterfi waterproof short cord headphones can be used up to 10 feet underwater and meet the current IP8 waterproofing standards. At 11 inches, the cord is the perfect length to efficiently reach your Waterproofed iPod Shuffle with no tangles or set up time.

Odoyo EP900i Waterproof In-Ear Headphones – whether you are looking for headphones for the shower, or something more robust for swimming and watersports, the Odoyo EP900i headphones offer durability and great sound quality. These Odoyo waterproof earphones are also dustproof, freeze proof and shock proof – built for long-lasting performance with; fully active ambient noise-cancellation and excellent comfort from a choice of 3 proprietary eartips.