As long as there are Apple laptops, tablets and mobile phones – there will be companies producing AirPlay speakers to enhance the audio experience! Most wireless Airplay speakers are aimed mainly at iPhone and iPod users, but some also come with hardwired Aux 3.5mm options to connect up to non Apple devices. When choosing an Airplay wireless system, there are a number of features to consider, such as sound quality, build quality & design, simplicity & ease of use, price and portability.  AirPlay is a technology much like Bluetooth as in it allows devices to connect without wires or cables, however it is slightly trickier to set up than most Bluetooth systems but once connected and configures is simple to use. We have briefly reviewed 3 of the best Airplay speakers currently on sale in the UK below:-

Monitor Audio Airstream S200 – The Airstream S200 delivers an astonishing sound for a speaker of its compact size and price sticker. In fact, in this price bracket, it beats competitors easily thanks to top notch build quality, both AirPlay and Bluetooth, audio connection via a 3.5mm input for non Apple devices, excellent audio performance and great streaming features – this is a very desirable Airplay speaker with powerful and punchy sound, plus great build quality and neat design.

Libratone Zipp – The Libratone Zipp stands out from other AirPlay speakers thanks to its brightly-coloured covers that can be swapped out and changed. This fun feature is no gimmick however as the Zipp has a truly premium feel to it and delivers an impressive 360-degree sound with clear treble and strong bass notes. This is a punchy  speaker that delivers ample detail, plus there is an elegant app that makes AirPlay easily-connectable, and a 3.5mm input too. The Libratone Zipp is one of the best wireless audio experiences you can get -this a stylish AirPlay speaker with superb sound quality and a stylish design that looks great anywhere, add in the Wi-Fi capability and you have a clear winner in this price bracket!

Audio Pro Allroom Air One – this is a sophisticated and elegant Airplay system that produces an exquisite and entertaining sound. Everything about the Audio Pro Allroom Air One screams quality – which is good as this unit costs over £400! However, in our opinion, the Allroom Air One is well worth the price, with it’s refined detail and balanced sound this is one of the best wireless speaker systems you can buy. Alongside the AirPlay connectivity, the Allroom Air One also has wi-fi connectivity – this is a class-leading wireless Airplay speaker with superb fit and finish and a truly beautiful sound. The system is easy to use too and comes with a decent remote control. If you are one of those people who have your music collection on an iPhone or iPad and want to buy the best –  this is probably it!