This tiny yet powerful wireless speaker offers true high definition sound using S-Bass deep bass technology and lasts up to 5 hours from a single charge operating wirelessly at a range of up to 10 meters. At first glance this unit seems far to small and lightweight to produce decent bass or volume, but the sound quality and volume is absolutely incredible, even though it can fit easily into your bag or pocket.

This speaker uses Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 technology and features an FM Radio Function, Hands Free Answering Phone, MicroSD Card slot and a fabulous 3D dynamic bass engine. It is hard to overstate just how surprisingly good the sound is, if you buy this speaker you will probably find yourself demonstrating the incredible sound to  friends and family over and over gain like an unpaid salesman! The speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled playback device and the rechargeable lithium battery that provide up to 5 hours of wireless play plus there is a Line-In 3.5mm jack for non Bluetooth devices. Wireless range is up to 10m with no obstructions and the unique microphone design also helps to reduce background noise during phone calls. The unit is charged via Micro USB Cable and also supports: micro-SD Cards & FM Radio using the accompanying USB Charging Cable.

This little speaker is awesome, and for just over a Tenner in most retail stores, you really have nothing to lose. The sound quality and volume is actually better than many other larger and much more powerful systems, plus there are many useful features which are fantastic considering the size and price of this unit. Highly recommended, buy one and be amazed with the sound!