If you are looking to listen to music while you pound the streets on your path to fitness, there are many headphones to choose from which will help you stay motivated whether you are in the gym or running in the hills. A decent pair of sports headphones can be a worthwhile investment for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Research has shown that music can keep you in the zone for longer, and earphones here will keep you company on the long and often difficult road to fitness. But you need to choose headphones that offer decent sound and can also withstand all the vibration and resist both rain and sweat. The key to choosing the best sports headphones are finding something robust with a secure yet comfortable fit, yet offering good sound performance good enough to help keep you motivated when things get tough and you’re pushing yourself to the limits. The main choice is whether you want traditional wired or Bluetooth wireless headphones, but while wired phones offer better battery life, wireless headphones offer much more freedom for running, cycling and sports in general. Please find a short review below for 3 of the best wireless headphone models suitable for sports and outdoor use:-

Monster iSport Wireless Superslim – costing around £130, these headphones were the lightest Bluetooth set you could buy when launched and probably still are. In addition they are washable and have the same almost impossible to dislodge earhooks as the Adidas Sport Response. For headphones that weigh just 50g, the audio is surprisingly good too with plenty of bass, but the battery life is not great with only five hours maximum without recharging. But they are robust and you can simply wash them under a tap to clean them!

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless – from under £150 these headphones are the in-ear type but also feature a heart rate monitor and virtual personal trainer. Not cheap but they are one of the best wireless running earbuds you can buy. They’re wireless, so there are no cables to get tangled up with and the neat pulse tracking is accurate and useful, unusual for HR trackers that do not strap to your chest. There are free Android and iOS apps for your phone so you can get live audio feedback on current beats per minute so you can track how hard you are exercising. Once again battery life is not great at to 4 hours, but there is a lot of technology in this compact unit for the fitness enthusiast and the sound quality is excellent.


Trainer by Gibson


Trainer by Gibson – costs around £200 and is endorsed by Usain Bolt! These Bluetooth sports headphones are on-ear rather than in-ear, which is unusual. They sound excellent and are perhaps the best wireless sports headphones available in terms of sound quality. There’s lots of volume and bass, with crystal clarity. perhaps not quite as comfortable as in-ear headphones, so not the best for a long run, but great for shorter distances or in the gym.