Do you need an all-in-one streaming music system? Well, with Bluesound Pulse Mini you can play music with, stream music online, play music via WiFi, Bluetooth, Toslink or Ethernet from any Android or iOS device. Unlike other mini music devices, Bluesound Pulse Mini gives out a frequency of between 45Hz to 20kHz with its 2*50mm speakers, 89mm woofer tri-amped with 60W of direct-digital power and an ARM Cortex A9 processor. You’re able to play music from your Android phone or any iOS device directly to the Bluesound Pulse system. The Pulse Mini is a smaller version of the portable Pulse Flex.

The features

External design
The Pulse Mini speaker is a single speaker designed with a flat bottom surface to be placed on any flat surface – either a shelf or a table. It comes in either black or white colour.
This speaker weighs 7.9 lbs, making it one of the heaviest portable wireless speakers in the market today. It has a single USB and an analog combo input, headphone output, and a micro-USB for quality service. Connecting it to an Ethernet socket could give you the best results for connectivity.

Sound quality
As stated earlier, the speaker contains a frequency of 45Hz to 20kHz. Its highest frequency is about average, while the lowest frequency is 30Hz lower than an average wireless speaker. This means that the speaker can accurately produce sound across its range.

It has a Total Harmonic Distortion of 0.03%, which is a good measure of the extent to which a speaker can distort an incoming signal. It is a 60 Wattage Tri-amplified speaker; allowing a large amount of power over a long period of time.

It has a patented dual-acoustic chamber with a DSP equalizer that maximizes bass power and clarity with a high-performance woofer.

Its connectivity
Bluesound Pulse Mini can use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to play music from any Android or iOS device. If you use Wi-Fi, the speaker can stream audio at a higher quality and over a greater distance than Bluetooth. It contains an advanced antennae design and fast ARM Cortex A9 processors which ensure great functionality of the speaker. The speaker can create its hotspot and work even with the availability of other Wi-Fi networks.

This speaker uses the aptX codec, which can deliver near-CD quality wireless streaming through Bluetooth. Although Bluetooth produces a lower quality audio than the use of Wi-Fi, this speaker can still produce a much higher quality audio for an indoor function.
In addition to its wireless functionality, the Pulse Mini can still receive audio from its 3.5mm auxiliary and Ethernet ports. Its headphone port can also perform this function well.

The Pros of Bluesound Pulse Mini
1. The system can play music from several devices – from any Android or an Apple operating system.

2. You can connect to cloud music and other services such as WiMP, Deezer, Microsoft Groove, Classics Online, JUKE, Qobuz and KKBox, and music from your own library with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. You are able to control music with the help of an application available in the system either from an iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows and Mac OS X, Vista,7,8, desktops

4. Its automatic touch control unit makes it easy to operate this music system.

5. It is integrated with high-performance speakers of the size 2*50mm (2”), 1*89mm (3.5”). These speakers can be heard from a far distance.
6. It is simple to set it up, as well as easily expandable and portable. This is due to its wireless nature of the operation.

7. It has an innovative digital amplifier Its highest quality built-in Bluetooth (aptX) enables you to play music from a portable device without the need to physically operate the system.

8. It comes in color variables of black and white, making it easy for you to choose your desired color.

9. The headphone feature enables you to listen to your favorite music closely without causing a distraction to your neighbors.

Cons of the Bluesound Pulse Mini
It is heavier than other wireless speakers. Making it difficult to carry around or place on a weak base.

The Final Verdict
Bluesound Pulse Mini has proved to perfectly perform well for indoor purpose with its high-quality speaker, great output, and high-res PCM streaming capability. Try out this portable music system with a single app and several plugins for a USB device and network connections.